You are required to fill out a New Client Form before your first grooming appointment.  Please print and sign it and have it available for your first appointment.  Should you not have a printer, we will have hard copies on hand when we arrive. 

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Policies and Procedures

Our Policies

My Dogs Paw Mobile Pet Salon prides itself on offering kennel free grooming at your doorstep. In order to keep a stress-free & safe environment for your best friend, we groom by appointment only and will not perform any service that causes pain or undue stress. Safety is our top priority for your pet(s), as well as the groomer.

Appointment Times - Our type of service focuses on clients who are looking to have their pets groomed on a regular schedule. You will be given an “Estimated Time of Arrival,” and we will make every effort to arrive during that time frame. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to interruptions and delays, including: refuelling, traffic, weather, mechanical issues, and appointments taking longer than expected, etc. We will never jeopardize the safety or well-being of a client’s pet by hastening a groom. Nor will we put ourselves or others at risk by rushing to the next appointment. We will contact you if we are running earlier or later than the “estimated time of arrival”.

During the arrival window, it is your responsibility to have your pet available for grooming as well as allowing them to have taken a “potty break” before we arrive to help minimize delays.

Cancellations/Missed Appointments - If an appointment is NOT booked as a Latch Key service, it is expected that the client will be present at the scheduled “estimated time of arrival”. Due to the logistics of planning for travel time and advance routing that enables our service to function efficiently, last minute cancelations and missed appointments leave costly empty slot(s) in the schedule that could have been used by another customer.

We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. There is no charge for cancelling/changing an appointment provided we have at least 24 hours. Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in a cancellation/missed appointment fee, equal to 50% of your regular grooming charge.

**All cancellation/missed appointment fees need to be paid prior to your next appointment.**

Confirmations - We will send a confirmation text or email the day before your scheduled appointment. This will include an “estimated time of arrival”. We ask that you kindly confirm or cancel by 5:00pm.  This allows us ample time to fill a cancelled spot or make changes to our day.  

**If you fail to respond by 5:00pm, it will be considered a cancellation.**

Payment - Payment is due at time of services rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made with us. We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

**All grooming service prices are subject to change.**

Inclement Weather/Illness/Breakdowns - On rare occasions, we may need to cancel your appointment due to equipment failure, weather, illness, etc. We will always do our best to notify you of changes ahead of time and accommodate you in the schedule.

Latch-Key Service - My Dogs Paw Mobile Pet Salon does perform Latch Key services, wherein the pet owner is not required to be present to hand-off the pet at commencement or receive the pet following completion of services. This requires us to enter your premises to collect your pet for grooming and return the pet, following service.

Interruptions During Grooming Services - For the safety of the pet being groomed, as well as the groomer, it is asked that you do not interrupt the groomer. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible, but an excited pet can be very dangerous to work on. If you need to contact us for any reason during your pets grooming, please call us or send a text message.

Matting - Skin can become sensitive and incur abrasions, rashes, nicks, itchiness, or redness when matting is removed. In severe cases, the entire skin can become sensitive due to the shock of removing tightly matted hair. Matting removed from ears can cause hematomas (swelling of blood) to the tips of the ears. We are not liable for any problems resulting from the grooming of your matted pet.

Fleas - We strive to be a flea free zone. Dogs that are found to have fleas will receive an automatic flea bath at the owners expense.


Behaviour - Unmanageable pets can pose a serious danger to both themselves and the groomer. Pets who exhibit extreme aggression will be muzzled. We do not muzzle unless your pet(s) gives us a reason to. We must be informed if your pet has ever bitten anyone or has aggressive tendencies. Please remember we have limited space and hands. If by chance the groomer is bitten or injured, the pet owner is responsible for any/all hospitalization bills that may arise.

Puppies - Puppies are very impressionable and we want to make the grooming process as fun as possible! Having fun and learning “grooming manners” is the most important part during the first few visits. As they can be wiggly and have short attention spans, we can’t expect perfection. They will have a bath & be introduced to noises, tools, etc.

Senior Pets/Special Care - We love our elderly and special needs pets, but they may have a more difficult time with being groomed. They tend to be sore and sometimes grumpy if something is hurting them. Sometimes they can’t stand for the length of time it takes to groom them, and they may become easily distracted, making it difficult to get them to stand still. We will do our best to groom them as usual, but we must take into account their age and medical issues. Sometimes we can’t accomplish the same cut, as your pets safety comes first.

Cats - During the arrival window, it is your responsibility to have your cat in a carrier and available for grooming before we arrive to help minimize delays. Our cat grooming services are for those that are tolerant of intensive handling.

By signing below, I agree that I have read and understand the policies and procedures agreement presented to me for the grooming and maintenance of my pet(s) and in consideration of the grooming services of My Dogs Paw Mobile Pet Salon, agree to hold harmless from damage, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing conditions of my pet(s). The terms, special services or handling shall include, but are not limited to veterinarian services in the event I am not available. I authorize My Dogs Paw Mobile Pet Salon to act as my agent in the event emergency veterinarian services, care-taking, and/or transportation is necessary and I agree to pay all costs. Any/all damages, loss or claim shall include, but not be limited to death, injury or shock. Said pre-existing shall include, but not be limited to illness, previous injury, skin or coat conditions, medical conditions, advanced age or nervousness. 

I have read and accept this policy for the groom today and for any and all future grooming appointments.